Minecraft – TNT Wars

TNT Wars is a world that should be played by at least two players. It includes an arena with two sides, and each side has multiple, pre-built TNT launchers.  The goal is to launch TNT to blast through the walls to destroy your opponent’s launchers – before yours gets destroyed! You also have a room full of supplies to rebuild and refill your launchers.

This world is for the Bedrock Edition.  Fill-out the form below to download1!

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Minecraft - TNT Wars
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 2 reviews
 by Nathan

I love blowing things up with TNT and especially with TNT launchers. SO FUN

 by Lillian
Great World!

I really like this world! It is fun, and you are supplied with all the materials you need. The pre-built cannons are really well done! I am very glad that on the 'girl side' there is a bedrock-covered tnt launcher. I often blow mine up, but not that one! :-)