Project #43 – WordPress Website – Audio Streaming

In the spring of 2015 I worked with First United Methodist Church of Collingswood to implement audio streaming for their WordPress website.  For years the church would broadcast their weekly services using an AM radio station. This required a lot of coordination between the church staff who recorded the service and the radio operators. Since they were already paying for and maintaining a website, they decided to migrate their recordings to their online platform.

Unfortunately their hosting platform did not have a built-in audio streaming solution. I had past experience integrating video streaming into a corporate intranet site, and was familiar with the similar audio.js library. I created an audio streaming page using that library. Coupled with some JavaScript functions I’ve developed, CSS to drive the layout, and their DropBox account to store the audio files, they had an easy-to-use audio streaming feature.

Instead of developing a database and overly complicating the maintenance of this page, all of the data is input directly into the HTML page and tagged with the appropriate CSS style and id attributes. The church has a few people with enough IT background to maintain this simple HTML page. As recordings are archived away, so are the entries on that page.¬† ¬†Navigation is handled by a menu that’s organized by date. This menu is auto-generated based-on the data input onto the page.

If you’re interested in seeing this solution in action, take a quick look at the Worship Service Recordings page! If you’re interested in a similar WordPress audio streaming solution for your website, contact us here.