New Orleans Weddings Under Trees of Life and Happieness

Weddings Under The Tree of Life, Happiness, and Love

 Best place to elope in the Greater New Orleans area are its beautiful parks and lake front.

City Parks Tree of Life, Happiness and Love are great spots for weddings. For details contact Fig Street Weddings with Chaplain JK Schwehm to arrange an elopement or wedding under the biggest and oldest oak tress in the US. More details can be read at:

Tress of Love, Life, & Happiness
┬áThe oldest oak trees are found along the bayou by City Park Ave. Some of these old oak trees are up to 800 years old. They began a forest along a water way that once connected to the Mississippi River. The bayou now forms part of a beautiful lagoon in the park and is populated by water fowl and moss covered trees. A lovely area for small outdoor weddings. More big trees are located in City Park then any other park in the area. Parking is easy. Food is near by in the Parkview Cafe and at Ralph’s At The Park. The beautiful New Orleans Museum of Art is a short walk away. The Red Canal Streetcar runs right in front of the park with a beautiful walk to the trees. The park rents spots for larger weddings but a small elopement is OK under the trees with no rental fee for use of the location.
JK Schwehm at City Park