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To book a wedding officiant or Minister we need the below information. It is easy, email this form to us so we can check availability. Need date, time, location to check if open, then if we are available mail this form with the deposit.


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Pay $50  Deposit To: Jerry  Schwehm

Mail to Office Address:

117 No. Solomon St, #C New Orleans, LA 70119

Tel: 504-302-8711 (Google Voice, call or text)


Booking Form


Wedding Date: ___________________________________ Time_______________

PLACE_______________________________ Address_____________________________


COUPLE’S NAMES: ____________________________________________

Your Home Address: _____________________________________________________________________________


Contact Info: Best Phone  to Call:_____________________________________



Religious: ____ Spiritual: _________Civil_________


Special Requests :





Service provided upon payment in advance only. I understand that if services are cancelled, deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE. Fees are based upon amount of service time and services provided. Arrangement to pay all fees must be before ceremony. Signed agreement must be received along with required deposit or no services provided. Read full policy on web page. Contact week of to confirm services.

Total Fees: _________Deposit Paid___________ Balance Due: __________________


SIGNATURE OF RESPONSIBLE PARTY:_____________________ DATE SIGNED: __________



 Check, Money Order, or Pay Pal the deposit when the date is confirmed by officiant. Need date, time, location to check calendar. Mail to office address: 117 N Solomon St. #C, New Orleans , LA 70119

Elope To Pirates Alley or Gate To Jackson Square

Pirate’s Alley New Orleans

Pirates Alley and French Quarter Weddings

 Pirate’s Alley, as many call it,  was originally named Orleans Alley but locals always called it Pirate Alley. Adjacent to Jackson Square on Chartres St. by the St. Louis Cathedral to the right. On the left, is the Cabildo (the Old Spanish Governor’s Mansion), and directly behind the Cabildo was the Spanish Jail. 

The alley is one block long, and extends from Chartres St. at Jackson Square to Royal St. Halfway down the alley, a lamppost marks its intersection by Cabildo Alley , which extends (the width of the Cabildo) to St. Peter St. near the Gumbo Shop. This is likely one of the most famous lampposts of the French Quarter, as it has been photographed and painted many times,  Many weddings are now performed under the several lampposts in the alleys. Several local restaurants are nearby for food service. The Gumbo Shop , and Muriels , and near The Court of Two Sisters are restaurants close to Pirates Alley. The Place D’Armes,and Bourbon Orleans Hotels are close.
  If you want more information on getting married at Pirate’s Alley, or at the Gates to Jackson Square contact Chaplain Jerry Schwehm. There are several small areas by the alley free for small elopements of 15 or less people. Like the gate to the Square on St Peter St. Pictures below. To contact Dr. Schwehm it is best to use e-mail as he may not be near a phone while performing weddings. Most small elopements can take place in the alley or at the gates to the Square for free. Jackson Square itself must be rented from the city.

  We can meet in at the Pirates Alley Cafe in the alley by The Faulkner Book Store and pick a nice spot for the ceremony near Jackson Square. The owners of Pirate’s Alley Cafe will allow use of the tables and chairs if you are a customer and purchase drinks. Travel Map to Pirates Alley Pirates Alley Map

Pirates Alley Cafe Simple Elopement: Meet Dr. Schwehm at the Pirates Alley Lamp Post near Cabildo for a simple ceremony. Must bring a Louisiana Marriage License. Appointment made in advance with a deposit for services to be performed.No frills. The Alley is a walkway and cannot be blocked off so the ceremony must be short and small, not large with a lot of people. A basic simple elopement. Contact Chaplain Schwehm at email for details. See more at 

Read about the first wedding in Pirates Alley and the Ghost that haunts there: Pirates Wedding


Use of the gate on St Peter St by Jackson Square is free for a small elopement. The park must be rented from the City.

Elopement at Gates
Elopement at Gates

New Orleans Weddings Under Trees of Life and Happieness

Weddings Under The Tree of Life, Happiness, and Love

 Best place to elope in the Greater New Orleans area are its beautiful parks and lake front.

City Parks Tree of Life, Happiness and Love are great spots for weddings. For details contact Fig Street Weddings with Chaplain JK Schwehm to arrange an elopement or wedding under the biggest and oldest oak tress in the US. More details can be read at:

Tress of Love, Life, & Happiness
 The oldest oak trees are found along the bayou by City Park Ave. Some of these old oak trees are up to 800 years old. They began a forest along a water way that once connected to the Mississippi River. The bayou now forms part of a beautiful lagoon in the park and is populated by water fowl and moss covered trees. A lovely area for small outdoor weddings. More big trees are located in City Park then any other park in the area. Parking is easy. Food is near by in the Parkview Cafe and at Ralph’s At The Park. The beautiful New Orleans Museum of Art is a short walk away. The Red Canal Streetcar runs right in front of the park with a beautiful walk to the trees. The park rents spots for larger weddings but a small elopement is OK under the trees with no rental fee for use of the location.
JK Schwehm at City Park

Fig Street Art Studio

JK Schwehm Artist

Biography Page of New Orleans Artist J K  Schwehm

   Born in the charming Old World city of New Orleans in 1948 Jerry developed his interest in art after watching a PBS program on Jackson Pollock. That inspired him to do his first canvas of colorful lines and blotches that was displayed in his family den for several years. It has since been lost. Over the years he experimented with other media-silk screen, photography, assemblage, but college, military, family, and work concerns took him away from art. After his wife died of cancer, Jerry retired from his law practice to do what he likes, cooking, canoeing, and art. After taking additional art classes he again tried assemblage then began painting his children from photographs. With encouragement from friends, he tried other subjects as well, including adaptations of Gauguin and Van Gogh. Finally, Jerry found his own personal style of painting, using acrylics in a Post-Impressionistic flare of bold colors and wavy lines.
Generally he creates small images on paper but he also produces larger canvases. He prefers painting from photos taken on his travels but also paints portraits on commission. Contact Jerry by e-mail for more information.  His art is also sold at 
several shops in New Orleans and on the web. Call him for information. See all the art at this link:

Call or text: 504/302-8711

Just like Van Gogh but better.


New Orleans Weddings

 For as low as $295.00 you can have a small inexpensive wedding in a beautiful location in the historic New Orleans French Quarter, or at several of New Orleans Public Parks. You can take a streetcar ride or carriage ride after your wedding to your reception or head out on a cruise ship through the Caribbean or Mexico. Save money on an inexpensive elopement ceremony in a free spot in a New Orleans park. E-mail for details. See the links below for info such as a photographer or other wedding day services. To help with your New Orleans unique wedding or a simple elopement please click and read these links then e-mail for details:

Wedding at Hotel
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  2. New Orleans Wedding Planning Links
  3. New Orleans Marriage License Information
  4. New Orleans Sample Wedding Ceremony
  5. New Orleans Wedding Rental Halls
  6. References for Chaplain Jerry Schwehm
  7. New Orleans Marriage License: Packet of Sample Forms
  8. Booking Policy and Fees
  9. Can I Have A Friend Perform The Wedding Ceremony?
  10. Elopements in French Quarter and Jackson Square

Elopement at Gates to Square

  Chaplain Jerry Kenneth Schwehm, a native of New Orleans,  served as as Justice of the Peace in 1990 to 1994 in  Slidell, La. and was ordained in 1989 as a Lay Minister after serving as Elder and Deacon in his church for many years. He has a BA and JD from Louisiana State University (1972) and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from a  local Bible Church in 1990. He has performed numerous wedding ceremonies over 20 years and is available in the Greater New Orleans area to perform your personalized marriage ceremony. He will go to your location or at his office or a nice park in New Orleans when available. Chaplain Schwehm is President and Moderator of the American Association of Wedding Officiants, a professional officants group.

Text or call 504/302-8711

Elope to Jackson Square


Wedding in City PArk

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