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American Association Of Wedding Officiants 

The American Association of Wedding Officiants is an association of professional wedding ministers, celebrants, officials, and Justices of the Peace who have joined together to promote professionalism in the ever growing profession of performing weddings. The purpose is to share information and ideas to make each member better equipped to perform a wedding ceremony and to allow brides and grooms to select a wedding officiant with better knowledge and ability. Each member is certified to be legally registered to perform a wedding ceremony in their jurisdiction.

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 Looking for a wedding officiant? See us on Facebook. Or you can try this link below for information on how to find and select a wedding officiant in your location. The link goes to Yahoo where you sign in to access the list of members by state. Or see our Face book page:
Can e-mail one of the the Moderators for assistance if you have other questions at 

  Wedding Officiant Referral Page

Membership is open to professional registered wedding officiants and must be applied for through an existing members recommendation, at our Facebook page. Must contact an existing member first, can be found on our facebook page:

A list of member can be found on this blog:

 Members of the association can also be contacted directly by going to their web pages listed on the membership list by state at the Links Section of the Yahoo Group.

For further information on the American Association of Wedding Officiants  read over our Facebook page at or contact any other member of the association, lastly contact one of the Moderators at the below links:

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Dr. Jerry K. Schwehm  Moderator


Pastor Marie April Gismondi


Rev. Joe Orlando

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Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Officiant Before You Book The Wedding

  1. Are you registered to perform weddings in my location?

  2. How long have you  officiated weddings?

  3. About how many weddings you do per year?

  4. What training have you had?

  5. Will you go to my location to do a ceremony?

  6. What type of ceremonies will you perform?

  7. What are your rules as to photography ?

  8. Is  pre-marital counseling required?

  9. Do you have ceremony samples?

  10. What are the fees charged?

  Ask for a reference too.

Chaplain JK Schwehm

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